Live Product Streaming

For the past decade, several times a year, Apple has livestreamed new product launches. These have become legendary, must-see events, attracting not only top technical journalists from around the world, but existing and potential new customers as well, eager to see the latest product offerings from the technology giant. The result is a wave of news, traditional and digital media coverage which is of incalculable benefit to Apple (and its shareholders!).

They are by no means the exception. Thousands of businesses are now realising that, with live streaming demonstrations, they can create an immediate buzz around new products that is much more effective and cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns.

Live broadcast, live broadcasting, LiveStreaming Devices, live video streaming, live hd streaming are now just some of the terms that form part of the lexicon of this new marketing phenomenon. But, how do you get started, and why should you consider live streaming for your next product launch?

Apple’s events are successful for three reasons: they are normally showcase great products, the delivery is great (this doesn’t happen by accident, they practice for weeks honing their script and presentation skills), and they create an air of suspense ahead of time. There are no leaks, but plenty of teasers about what new products are in store.

You may not have the resources of an Apple, or Google (who also host renowned live product launches), but that does not preclude smaller companies following their lead. As with many things, proper planning and preparation is key.

If you have a new product to launch, who is going to talk about it? Apple’s product launches work so well because they get people from a range of disciplines – software, engineering, design as well as senior management – to talk about them. Find people from your company who can come across in a live stream as friendly and engaging way, and take another leaf from Apple’s book – emphasise what the new product can do for your customer, not how well it is made or what technology it incorporates.

Consider incorporating pre-recorded videos to enhance the content of your live stream event, and product demos should be considered a must. Having somebody actually try out one of your new products live is the best way to build confidence that it works.

From a technical perspective, you need a live streaming set-up. First of all, check that your venue has sufficient internet speed to stream in full HD quality. You will need a software or hardware encoder, cameras with sufficient high resolution, and the right audio equipment. You will also need somebody to operate the equipment. If you do not have in-house staff capability, there are many third-party providers who can provide the technical support you need to host such an event.

It is also important to select a live stream service provider (or Online Video Platform). Whilst YouTube and Facebook offer live streaming services, they are not suitable for businesses, so find a professional video platform which can provide appropriate security, restrict access to live streams, and assist with the branding of your products or company in the video.

Above all, practice, practice and then practice some more before you live stream a product launch. Make sure that the equipment works, that there is no lag or latency on the line because of internet speeds, that cameras are of the right resolution, and the audio quality is top notch.  There is nothing guaranteed to sink an online product launch more than streaming or technical glitches, so get these ironed-out before you launch.

Streaming new product launches can be a great promotional tool, creating a level of interest amongst customers that traditional marketing just can’t achieve. However, not only do you need to get the human element right – having a presentation that is engaging and information, for example – but the technical side needs to be up to the job as well. Making sure you have the right equipment, of sufficient quality and operated by people who know what they are doing, will help go a long way to ensure your live stream product launch is a success.




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